We have looked at the first five golden rules for on line sports betting in the previous article. Here are the other five:

# 6 Trends

For the less risk takers, it is a valuable tip, not necessarily to bet for the exact result, but rather to try betting on the tendency of a football match or on a goal difference. This increases their chances of winning.

# 7 Pay attention to the size of the stakes

Instead many bets made with Bet365 with smaller amounts, one should rather seek out a few events on which to bet with Bet365 with higher amounts. However, if you are a beginner it is advisable not to make too high stakes.

# 8 Private betting at Bet365 and keeping a register

Accounting for own betting at Bet365 helps to keep an overview of its operations. After each round of betting at Bet365, it is advisable to analyze your bets and uncover any wrong decisions. The only way to develop a long-term betting profit is to follow this strategy.

# 9 No greed!

Although it is tempting to have won a higher amount, so one should be careful not to make a wrong bet.

Last but not least……

# 10 Sports betting at Bet365 is and will remain a leisure activity

In the end, one should always keep in mind that it is a recreational activity. In any case, you shouldn’t see it as a way to earn money.